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The Recipes which African Likes are the Most is meat and Vegetables.


Suman sa ibos is a simple kakanin recipe. This is pretty much the same as suman sa lihiya except that the later uses lye water and is wrapped in banana leaves. This recipe requires glutinous rice and coconut milk and the wrap is made from buri or palm leaves. The …

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Filipino Pork Barbecue made of pork slices marinated in a sweet BBQ sauce and skewered in bamboo sticks. Sweet, salty, and slightly spicy, these Filipino-style kebabs are seriously addicting! Since we’re amid Summer here in California and G has been firing up the charcoal pit almost every day, I thought …

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Filipino-style Fried Chicken marinated in citrus and spices and fried to golden perfection. Tasty and crunchy, it’s sure to be a family favorite! This Filipino-style Fried Chicken recipe was first posted in 2013 but I am republishing it today with an improved method and a few helpful tips. I wish …

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Shrimp broccoli stir fry is a favorite in our house and one you’ll find regularly at our dinner table. I love to cook as much as the next person but there are just days when I want a meal in a hurry and this delicious vegetable dish provides a delicious …

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How to choose a spiraliser

These days, it seems like everywhere you look someone is spiralising something. There are more spiral-making tools than you might know what to do with, so if the sheer variety is overwhelming you, this might help. Here’s our guide on how to choose a spiraliser. There are two basic varieties …

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Make better homemade pasta with our tips

The thought of fresh, homemade pasta has always sounded like a wonderful idea but really filled me with trepidation. To start, finding consensus on a pasta dough recipe is impossible. Some have olive oil, some, salt and yet others have both or neither. Even their egg usage varies. There are …

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Sausage Pizza Egg Muffins

HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS BREAKFAST Sometimes you just need a simple, quick and nutritious breakfast you can grab and go! Whip up a batch of these egg muffins and have a tasty breakfast or snack ready to go. They are both Paleo and Whole30 friendly! INGREDIENTS 1/2 lb. or pork sausage …

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Whole 30 Breakfast Burrito

Eggs are my go-to for a simple, nutritious and protein-packed breakfast. It’s important to fuel your body with a healthy protein first thing in the morning. Not only does protein wake your body up, but it is an excellent source of energy that takes longer to digest and therefore will …

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